Singer PTA Programs


Please see the Calendar for the most up-to-date information on specific events. Below is a list of past PTA programs.

Cultural Arts Programs – 2-3 during the school year
PTA funds are used to offer age appropriate shows or assemblies with messages about life lessons for Singer students during the school day.

Martin Luther King Day of Service – January
The Singer PTA organizes a day of remembrance in honor of Martin Luther King by following his example. We’ll be working to better the lives of others by participating in community service projects, such as preparing food and essential kits to give to area homeless shelters.

Science Fair – March
Students with parents’ guidance develop science projects and display them at the Singer Science Fair. This is a great event to get our students excited about science. Last year projects varied from earthquake simulators (i.e. shaking a make shift table to determine which objects remained standing) to probability projects (i.e., determining the likelihood of an event occurring).

International Night – February
Parents, students, and staff come together to celebrate the cultural diversity of our school. We learn about other cultures and get a chance to taste food from around the country and world. Parents are asked to bring food from their culture to share.

Staff Appreciation Week
The PTA provides our wonderful staff with a week of events that allow parents and students to show their appreciation for all the teachers and staff do.

End of Year Picnic
The End of Year Picnic for Singer families provides one last opportunity for Singer families to get together before the school year ends.

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